5 tips for a successful remote work enterprise

In the current context of limited personal contact, due to the pandemic situation that we all are experiencing, organizations must prepare and adapt quickly to operate in a remote work environment.

Outscope, as a technology services provider, has been working and collaborating with our customers and partners on a remote work paradigm for several years now. Although it’s not a straight-forward process, there are strategies and tools that can help to create a successful remote work environment.

We recommend 5 tips that can help you to setup and operate in a remote work environment:


  1. Maintain work routines

Being at home with the family and maintaining productivity is a major challenge for most employees. It’s necessary to divide work and leisure, so maintaining specific working hours across the organization, is a great help to drive routines and keep-up the pace of work. Regular contacts and virtual meetings throughout the day, are an excellent way to maintain group dynamics and help employees to stay aligned to their schedule.


  1. Use new collaboration tools

There are today many technological tools designed specifically to enhance and facilitate remote work and collaboration between teams. Most tools enable group voice and video calls, collaborative sharing and editing of documents in real time (learn more about the benefits of Microsoft OneDrive), communication in thematic groups (chats) and task and projects management. These tools are easy to use, so if your organization doesn’t use them yet, it is relatively simple and feasible to start doing it, even if your team is already in a remote work model.


  1. Prioritize video communications 

Remote communication, written and verbal, is not very fluid and it is susceptible to misinterpretations. Communication with video allows adding facial expressions and body language to the content of messages, which often helps to understand the true meaning of the message and minimize misunderstandings. Video communication is now technologically easy to use and to integrate into collaboration solutions. It brings people together and makes a decisive contribution to keeping a team together and with strength to face the challenges of this new reality (discover how Microsoft Teams lead to a successful remote work strategy).


  1. Ensure access to business applications

To keep your business up and running, your remote employees need to keep using your critical business applications. To ensure that your employees are productive, beside enabling applications’ access, you must also ensure applications’ performance and good user experience. The access to applications can be made available via web browser that runs on regular PCs and through secure and encrypted networks (VPNs) that allow employees to work remotely as if they were at their corporate office.


  1. Control the security of equipment, data and employees

Remote work and the new collaborative ways of working increase the information sharing via Internet and reduce the control over data and employees’ behavior. To securely operate and maintain resilience in a remote work environment, it’s necessary to implement new cybersecurity controls. The key security controls to implement should be focused on the protection of the computers, the networks and the digital identity of employees. Technological solutions selected for remote work should already consider the necessary security controls, but if it’s not the case, you need to ensure that the security controls are applied on top or you are jeopardizing your remote work efforts and risking your business.


Remote work is a significant change for many organizations but it’s becoming easier to have success adopting it. There are many tools to facilitate the remote environment and proven best practices of how to do it. We hope these 5 tips are useful and if you need help, count on the OutScope team to support you with our experience and products and services.


If you want to know how we can help your company with Remote Work, please visit our our page dedicated to REMOTE WORK SOLUTIONS.