The most important benefits of OneDrive

It has been a long time since businesses suffered from file storage, versions and sharing control, right?


The reality is that many companies still face problems when it comes to promote workers collaboration, especially in the work-from-home context. Many emails with “V6.pptx” attachments, outdated versions, unshared folders on individual computers… are examples of a scenario that is still part of the daily life of many companies, especially small and medium.


Cloud technology solutions are a good way to address these issues, as it enhances collaboration and file sharing. Did you know that there is a file storage, sharing and collaboration service that is part of the Microsoft Office 365 service?



What is Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive?

Microsoft Office 365 is the offering of traditional Office services (Word, Excel, Power Point…), together with a series of tools that make it possible to create, access and share files in a much more collaborative and secure way, in a subscription model. One of the main advantages considered by Office 365 users and companies is that applications are always up-to-date.


Another important benefit and change of Microsoft Office 365 from traditional Office is the Cloud storage and file sharing service, OneDrive.


OneDrive is a file storage service in the cloud and is part of Microsoft 365. A big advantage of using it is accessing company files from anywhere and working with them online through any device. In a safe way.


Storing and sharing files in the cloud is not a new thing. In fact, there are several solutions on the market that offer this service free of charge. But in a business context, OneDrive stands out for being integrated with Office 365 applications. It makes managing licenses, accesses and permissions much easier, but also it enhances the interaction between employees. It is possible, for example, to share files through Teams application and keep them updated in the folders on the computer or even in the OneDrive application on mobile devices (discover how Microsoft Teams lead to a successful remote work strategy). This enhances business mobility.



Among the main features and functionalities of OneDrive, we can mention:

  • Workspace fully synchronized
  • Access from any device: computer, smartphone and tablet
  • File management from a browser
  • Integration with Office 365
  • Collaborative work: create, share, edit, among others
  • History of changes in documents
  • Report creation (Reporting)
  • Support for directory synchronization / SSO / ADFS
  • Integrated standards compliance



Benefits of OneDrive, the Microsoft 365 cloud

Following are some of the most important benefits of using OneDrive correctly:



Access files from anywhere

When files are stored on OneDrive, it can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet.



Real-time collaborative work

Files on OneDrive can be edited at the same time by multiple users, so that there is only one updated version.



Secure storage

Documents on OneDrive will always be secure on Microsoft 365 servers.



Constant updates

Microsoft 365 licensing allows you to always get the latest updates from all available tools.



Access from any device

Not only files can be accessed on the OneDrive cloud from anywhere, but also can be accessed from any device, either a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet.



Cost reduction

OneDrive is already included in Office 365 licensing. No additional storage service is required.




With OneDrive, many companies have been able to boost productivity and collaboration among their professionals. Additionally, they did it without increasing costs, with safety and resilience.


Microsoft tools are the best known and have compatibility with a large number of devices, it is by far the best solution on the market for the company’s day to day.